Foszies Canine Massage for Therapy
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What to Expect During Treatment

This will start with a full consultation which lasts approximately 30 minutes.
During this time we will cover your dogs exercise regime, diet, nutritional supplements, activities of daily life and medical history.
It is also an opportunity for you the owner to relay any observations on changes you have noticed in your dog, as well as confirming what results you would like to see from the treatment.
This consultation will also include a full palpation of your dog whilst they are standing, as well as gailt and postural analysis.
PALPATION allows your dog to aquaint themselves with me whilst I asses their muscles feeling for areas of spasm, injury, trigger points, soreness or sensitivity, heat and cold, injury or scarring.
GAIT ANALYSIS gives me an insight into the way your dog walks, trots and canters, and allows me to see areas where they may be holding pain and or stiffness, as well as any irregularities in their gait that they may be displaying.
POSTURE ANALYSIS can reveal areas of pain referral and over compensation, and is done by assessing how your dog is holding their body.
FULL BODY TREATMENT - This will follow the consultation and will last approximately 50 minutes to 1 hour, being adapted and tailored to suit your dogs specific needs. Throughout the session I will be monitoring their body language as well as the way they physically respond, reassuring them as their wellbeing is always of the utmost importance.
Further Information re Post Treatment, the Healing Crisis and Subsequent Sessions to be added shortly
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