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" We have pointers and Deb has massaged a few of ours , she helped Henry get back into the show ring after he injured his back. But the one that we will always be eternally grateful to Deb for is our 11 year old "Jade" .. Jade suddenly went lame out on exercise, I initially thought she had pulled her leg jumping, by the time we got home she was sound again and indeed was still ok the next day, but then she did the same again. So we took Jade to the vet.. After x-rays we were told she had developed arthritis in her shoulders and to give her metacam and tramadol . But we knew immediately who to call..... Deb.

Deb came and started her "magic"..  Jade isnt an easy patient, she is wriggly and keeps rolling upside down. But Deb is so patient, calm and caring she would put anyone (both dog and owner) at ease. Jade now (many many thanks to Deb) has gone from a dog only managing a 15 min walk before going lame and the her body going into cramp which sent her into panic mode, and on 2 lots of meds, to a dog that can now gallop back out with our other pointers for an hour and half and not on any meds at all. A thing we thought we would never see again. Jade had 3 weekly sessions and now we have regular maintenance sessions to keep our girl out in the field doing what she loves best . We really cant thank or praise Deb enough for what she has done.. And will always recommend her to anyone.

Thanks Deb"

Di Stilgoe (Teisgol Pointers) 

"Mischa our Siberian Husky was diagnosed with Spondylitis at a young age of 5.  This was causing her to drag her back right leg due to the pain. After 3 sessions with Debbie she was back to her old self, pain gone and off the Metacam!   Debbie has a natural way with dogs and I felt very comfortable in the way she handled Mischa."
Carol Thompson, Berkshire

"Debbie  quickly put Ezri at ease, so much so by the second appointment she lay straight down on the blanket

without prompting, ready to get started! From the initial assessment  Debbie quickly made great improvements. 

Ezri went from yelping when her inner leg was touched to snoring her way through appointments. I would thoroughly recommend  Debbie's Canine Massage work."

Caroline Wilkinson, South Gloucestershire


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