Foszies Canine Massage for Therapy
Your dogs quality of life is our passion
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Welcome to Foszies Canine Massage for Therapy
based in Worcestershire covering Pershore, Evesham, Herefordshire and the surrounding areas.
Specializing in Therapeutic Canine Massage (TCM), a strong manipulative type of massage for muscle and joint issues, that brings great results and relief. It also helps resolve many, sub-clinical, everyday mobility issues, and can significantly support Orthopaedic conditions such as Hip Dysplasia and Arthritis.
An extensive knowledge of Canine Anatomy & Physiology, connective tissue release, the movement of tissue over tissue, and the remobilisation of muscle to help the breakdown of scar tissue, is required to perform this unique type of massage.

TCM is suitable for dogs of all ages, from the young, fit and active, to those who are older and struggling with their mobility, or those suffering from Orthopaedic conditions.

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